Most Epic High-Fantasy Movies, Books, Video Games and Characters

Wizards, sorcerers and magic. There isn’t anything that sounds more wondrous than that, is it? The world of magic with wizards, potions and spells is something that keeps our imagination burning, and as such, it requires decent recognition- which is exactly why our blog exits. Here, we’ll talk about everything magic and wizard- related, books, best high fantasy movies, greatest characters of the wizard world, shows and many more. So, if you want to stay tuned with the newest info on the best high fantasy movies, books and characters- stay with us.

Embrace the World of Magic

The newest trends in the world of magic is having general knowledge on everything –and that is the only way you can truly understand what the world of magic is about. For instance, if you want to embrace the whole magic culture, you need to read a list of fantasy books. Many of these books are underrated, but the most popular ones include the book-series of Harry Potter, the Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardulgo, and the newest most popular magic book – Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. We’d also suggest reading the really popular The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert.

Another way to embrace the world of magic is by watching the most popular movies about sorcerers and magic. Of course, we’d always recommend the Harry Potter movies. But stay a little bit more with us for our movies and TV shows suggestions.

Probably one of the best ways to embrace the whole magic culture is to play games, as this way you also take part in the events. There are many magic-themed games, and you should always look for the ones that suit your needs best.

The Best High Fantasy Movies

There are many great high fantasy movies featuring magic, sorcerers, witches and spells, but in order to help you find the best high fantasy movies, we’ve done the research of the oldest and newest best high fantasy movies available nowadays, and we present to you a list of the most popular high fantasy movies that will suit your needs.

The Dark Crystal

Not the newest movie, but it still has really important cultural value and follows some of the most popular magic related topics.

Lord of the Rings

One of the most popular movie of all time! From the moment it was released to the newest date, it is a hit amongst all audiences, on a global level too. It made such a boom, that it inspired many video games and everyone wanted to embark on an adventure with Frodo. Even the most popular industry – the legal online casino industry was inspired by it. This is why, the legal online casino developed casino games based on this epic game. With the purpose of satisfying the tastes of such audience, online casinos developed numerous slots games based on it, and to add to it, casinos give out casino bonuses. These casino bonuses have numerous purposes, but the best way is to try the games. For instance, you can use the no deposit casino bonus and try your favorite themed casino games or LOTR themed slot games and win real money prizes. There are numerous LOTR slots games with impeccable graphics and a chance to bring you real money prizes.


Talking about a youngster trying to stop the Dark Master, this movie is an epic win!

The Beastmaster

A great sword and sorcery fantasy!

Red Sonya

If you want a movie with a strong female lead, this is it!

Conan The Barbarian

An absolute breath-taking movie.


A sci-fi movie about a prince saving his bride from alien invaders!


One of the all-time best movies!

The Warrior and the Sorceress

The name says it all!

Pan’s Labyrinth

Coming from Guillermo del Toro – you know you can expect an Oscar-quality movie.

Best Video Games to be a Wizard

If you want to be a wizard, you can do so by playing some of the coolest video games allowing you to do so. Here are your best options:

  1. Wizard101
  2. Arx Fatalis
  3. Citadel: Forged with Fire
  4. Avencast: Rise of the Mage
  5. Dark Messiah of Might

Most Epic Newest TV Shows

High fantasy as a genre is one of the newest trends that is coming back to life. More and more high fantasy are on the newest to-watch list on all movie-watching platforms, and as of now, we have several of the newest high-fantasy TV shows that deserve your attention. Here are some suggestions:

  1. The Witcher
  2. His Dark materials
  3. Dark Crystal
  4. Carnival Row
  5. Swamp Thing

Ultimate Novel Wizards Of All Time

Some magic novel characters left an important mark in the culture of high fantasy, as such, they have true value for all future generations. Here are some of the wizard names that you must’ve heard of:

Gandalf –LOTR & Hobbit

Yoda – Star Wars

Albus Dumbledore – Harry Potter

Glinda the Good Witch – The Wizard of Oz

Merlin – Arthurian Myth and Legend