Gandalf the Grey: Gandalf is a character from the novel The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. He is one of the main characters apart from being one of the five Istari (magicians) who was sent to fight Sauron. He was known in many ways, Gandalf was the name most used; Mithrandir called him the elves and men of Gondor; Incanus, among the men of the South; Tharkûn, among the dwarves and Olorin, in the Imperishable lands, this being his original name.

Gandalf the White: you Had a pivotal role during the War of the Ring, she discovered la comarca, led to the Company of the Ring until their separation in Moria, where you must deal with a Balrog of Morgoth, and thanks to him we won the battles of the Abyss Helm (attacked by the Uruk with Saruman) and Minas Tirith (which had fallen into decay because of the bad leadership of Denethor, already insane). Thanks to his plans, he managed to destroy the One Ring.

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After completing his mission, he left the Grey ports next to Galadriel, Elrond, Bilbo, and Frodo to the Imperishable lands, his home.

Saruman: Saruman the White was the leader of the Order of the Istari. He was also the head of the White Council. He devoted himself to studying the arts of the enemy in order to defeat him, but became so interested in it that he ended up being drawn to evil, and coveting for himself The One Ring, he was one of the greatest antagonists of the events that took place in the ring War. Saruman the White, was the leader of the Order of the Istari.

The Blue magicians: they are, within the fictional universe of J. R. R. Tolkien, the denomination received by two of the members of the Order of the Istari, who were sent to Tierra Media by the Valar around the year 1000 of the Third Age of the Sun, to help all free peoples in their struggle against the hosts of Sauron. They were called this way because their robes were dark blue; the colors served to identify the Istari (Gandalf The Grey, Saruman the White or Radagast the Brown), and in this case, it seems that both Istari shared tonality.

In The Lord of the Rings, Saruman makes a reference to “the rods of the Five Wizards”, but failed to name them specifically. In other of Tolkien’s works their names are mentioned only once in the unfinished Tales: their names in Valinor were Alatar and Pallando (Morinehtar and Rómestámo in Quenya, respectively), and both were maiar servants of the ValaOromë. Alatar was one of the three Maiar originally selected by the Valar for the trip to Middle Earth, while Pallando was taken because of his friendship with Alatar.

Upon reaching Middle Earth, The Blue Magicians traveled with Saruman to the East, beyond the sea of Rhûn. Their destinies and the role they played during the ring War are unknown, and whether they returned to Valinor at the end of the senior year. In a letter written by Tolkien, it is said that they were sent East and probably failed in their mission, as the only one to complete it was Gandalf. They could have fallen under Sauron’s own power in the eastern regions.; or they were able to originate new cultures and dark cults in the East, where were the cribs of the elven and human civilizations, Cuiviénen and Hildórien.

Radagast: Radagast: Radagast the Pardo, called Aiwendil when he was a spirit maia alYavanna, was sent to Middle Earth to help in the fight against Sauron, being one of the five Istari (Magicians). He did not follow this path and is supposed to have failed his task, preferring to protect animals and plants (thus, in a way, fulfilling part of Yavanna’s purpose). He stayed in Middle Earth after the ring War.

He was a lover of all animals and plants, although he shows a great preference to birds, he cares and loves all. Use birds as spies and messengers.