This week, magicians from all over the world commemorate the birth of the Great Harry Houdini, master of escapism. When we remember Houdini we could not help but delight ourselves with the image of the magician, a character always surrounded by mystery and wrapped in an aura of power inaccessible to the rest of mortals.

Wouldn’t you like to be a magician too? But forget for a moment the rabbits coming out of hatches and women in light clothes being cut in half by a saw. Let’s think big. Let’s think of explosions, ice, spells, invocations. So, let’s become real magicians!

  1. South Park: The Stick of Truth

“A magician is like a sorcerer only less cool” this is how the irreverent Cartman describes The Wizard class in South Park: the rod of Truth, a role-playing game based on one of the most punk-ass television series.

In the rod of truth, the South Park Boys decide to disguise themselves as magicians and Warriors to mess it up. You, as the new guy, can choose to become a magician. Do you want an example of your powers available? The Lightning Volt spell consists of spraying your enemy with water and then throwing a battery to electrify it.

  1. World of Warcraft

We usually imagine magicians as lonely humans living in their inaccessible towers. Not in World of Warcraft! In this great online role-playing game, magicians must work together with Warriors and Rogue to save Azeroth from the threat of shift.

You have different variations of magic at your fingertips: the magicians focus on spells elemental; shaman use totems and spells to help their allies in battle; the warlocks use the dark arts to summon minions and demonic; the priests heal with your white magic: and the druids stand out for being teachers shapeshifter (bears, cats, crows).

  1. Goat Simulator

If you’re tired of making the GOAT at Goat Simulator, you can always become a magician goat. In one of the free patches of Goat Simulator, its developer Coffee Stain Studios added an expansion that parodies World of Warcraft. Your goat can become a rogue, toaster (don’t ask), and also a magician.

Solve problems! Treat calamities! Surround villains! Complete missions! Read exclamation points! Conquest! Well, who am I kidding? What you want in Goat Simulator is to make it Brown, whether you’re a magician or not.

  1. LEGO The Lord of the Rings

If Tolkien were to raise his head, he would surely play LEGO, The Lord Of The Rings, to laugh for a while with this amusing parody of one of the most famous fantasy sagas of all time.

In LEGO The Lord of the Rings, you can control the Lego version of Gandalf The Gray and use your skills such as levitating objects or illuminating dark areas to solve puzzles. But that’s not all! You can also control the Brown Radagast, the wicked White Saruman, and even the Witch King.

  1. Dragon Ball Xenoverse

“Wait a minute, magicians at Dragon Ball!?”. Dragon Ball Xenoverse, a recent fighting game, allows you to create your hero. There are five races available: Saiyan, Namekian, terrestrial, member of the Frieza Clan and. Majin!

Majin is a Japanese word that can be translated as “demon god” but also as “magic.” And that is precisely what the Majin is: diabolical spawn with powerful magical abilities. If you have the cool series, you sure remember the villain Majin Boo, who was able to turn his enemies into chocolate or liquefy his body to escape.

In the case of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the Maijin are elusive teachers who can alter their body thanks to their magical abilities.

  1. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 has too many ninjas, don’t you think? Good thing we also have the presence of fighter Shang Tsung, a powerful sorcerer who also has the honor of being one of the main villains of the Mortal Kombat saga.

Shang Tsung has incredible spells. For example, it can become any other fighter in the game except bosses. Unfortunately, there is one limitation: it can only imitate the form and abilities of its direct rival. Besides, he’s a fire bender. He can throw hellish skeletons or throw hot balls at his enemies. If you’re tired of your friends always beating you using the same fighter, choose the sorcerer Shang Tsung and give them some of their own medicine.

  1. Dragon Age Inquisition

Magicians have the most spectacular skills in Dragon Age Inquisition, BioWare’s role-playing game. Summon Frost and freeze your enemies! Get meteorites down on the battlefield! Throw away the fire-trapping monsters!

You know what? To hell with typical tips like “choose a character from each class to ensure a balanced game.” Create your magician and then recruit the three Sorcerer companions of the game: Dorian, Vivienne, and Solas. Then create a quarter of sorcery and pass the game by a magic wand. You’re going to leave the worlds of Thedas a Foxes, but it’s going to be so much fun.