In 2010, was released The World of Magic, by Com2uS. There is also a Korean version that was founded in 2006 by the same founder that made this game the first MMORPG released on the app store. In 2011, this game got its initial animal, complied with by a gift box occasion. It was done each month. This video game was launched to Android customers in 2012, so practically every person can utilize it with the enhancement of 2 added web servers to sustain the extraordinary brand-new. In early 2012, Com2uS arranged an occasion for TWOM’s birthday celebration. In mid-summer 2012, Com2uS arranged an occasion for the birthday of Com2uS, where you can get old pets as well as a unique bag. With more than 100,000 Incredible players that are currently playing, this game has a rating of four and fifty percent of 5. The game has been picked as The Celebrity Google RPG video game! The video game description is Com2uS as follows.

Many people are asking the same questions over and over again, here is a tutorial for this game. When starting the game, you should first create an account.

After starting and counting, you can choose between 3 servers to play. Note that you cannot transfer characters between the servers, so any server you choose to follow. However, if you decide for some reason that you want to play on a different server, you can create more characters on the other server. In addition, you can choose a faction-Lanos (good side) or Siras (wrong side). the faction you choose will remain constant for all characters on that server.

By creating your character, you can choose your name in the game, your hair color, sex, and other physical characteristics. You are also allowed to choose between three classes – a warrior, Explorer, or magician. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages. The Warrior has tons of life points (HP), while mediocre attacks. The magician, on the other hand, has a very low amount of HP, which compensates for healing and protective spells, and strong attacks. However, once a magician runs out of MP, they are probably condemned and have to flee the battle to regenerate. Finally, the guard has a decent amount of HP and attacks very quickly, with the skills to hit the target in rapid succession, and can also cause State diseases.

After choosing you and class physical characteristics, you can add status points. This is the only time you’ll be able to add state points. For the Warriors, reverse their STR and CON State points. For the Rangers, assign your points to DEX and con, and for mages, max out both INT and SIO.

After using all the points of the state and finally finishing creating your character, you will start the game in your respective villages depending on the faction that is in you can say that the faction people in the small icon next to your name. If they have a blue arrow, they’re in Lanos. If they have a Golden Arrow, they’re in Siras. If you choose Lanos as your faction, it will start in the Woody-weed of the people, if you chose Siras as your faction, it would begin in the Woody-Wordy of the people. Both peoples are the same, and even have the same appearance (except for some of the contact points). From here, you can leave and start your adventure at the OMI!

Skill points

Skill points are used to update and acquire new skills in the game. Qualifications are essential for your survival from the OMI, as in all other role-playing games. Depending on your class, you will have a set of skills. You unlock new skills every five or more levels. On level one, you will not be able to use any abilities. Once you become Level 2, however, you will be given 1 Skill Point. One of the skill points is awarded each time you raise the level. Using this skill point, you can update or acquire new knowledge. However, he also has skill books to improve grades. Each time you want to upgrade a skill, you will need to read the corresponding skill book. For example, you may have seen many people sell the item [flame Shock vol III]. This article is the third skill book for The Wizard Flame Shock ability. By “reading” this book, your character will increase the maximum level of skill. Thus, by reading Flame Shock Vol. III, you unlock Level 3 Flame Shock, and then be able to put a point of ability to achieve it. At the beginning of the game, you are given the book for your first essential skill plus skill. The level required for this book will be Level 2, as you will not have skill points on Level 1. You can only use the power when you have to put it in a quick slot-one of the five circles around the attack and pick up button. To say a skill in a quick slot, simply drag the skill into one of the five rings at the bottom of the screen in the skills menu. It has four sections of the Slots Fast, which can be changed by hitting the Slots Fast. You can also put consumables in these slots.


So, if you read all that stuff about skill points, I probably can’t wait to find a way to level up. If you can’t find the way to level monsters or hunting, you probably shouldn’t be playing this game. I will list the right places for the formation of certain levels. Continually update this list, as I have not reached the maximum level yet. If the names are a green monster, which means he won’t attack you if they’re not

Battlefield and JJ

Battlefield and JJ, one of the main reasons to play this game. If you’ve played multiplayer network role before, you probably know that PvP is the funniest part of the game, where you get to delete friends and even better, your enemies. If this is your first MMO battlefield, and PvP is where you can kill another player, instead of monsters. In the IMO, there are three PvP areas on the starting island the battlefield, permanent, and PvP Beach.

The JCJ Battlefield happens every 2 hours and is an organized fight between the two factions. When the time comes, a server-level ad notifies everyone that”we are taking reservations for the battlefield.” Seeing this, talk to the battlefield manager. There is one in each city, near the merchant, and one on PvP beach, where the two boats for the continent are. Select “Join,” and a place will be reserved for you. Sometimes this message can be misleading, as all the people who choose this one are given the message that a place has been reserved for them when, in reality, 20 people are selected. After a point has been reserved for you, you will be automatically transported to the battlefield when the battle begins. When he gets to the battlefield, on foot to the blue circle, and he’s deformed somewhere. Follow people’s mainstream, and the result will be in the field. From there, just kill everything.

The permanent battlefield is like the previous one, but it is permanent. However, no one wants to go there.