“Undoubtedly the best [magic book] so far…this well-written methods manual aims at quality over quantity [and] challenges the imagination…. A must for all magic collections.”
                                                                                            –School Library Journal

“Thoroughly enjoyable and will surely interest, excite, and…inspire many young adult readers….”
                                                                                             –Journal of Reading

“We all know that cards never speak to us, that cut ropes do not mysteriously mend, that you cannot wrap the magician and then unwrap a quite different person, but so it appears. How disbelief is sent into hiding is what this book tells, only in elegant detail.”
                                                                                            –Scientific American

“This is what a magic book for kids should be.  Each chapter takes a classic effect and explains that effect in the context of some aspect of magic or performance theory…. serves as the general review all of us need from time to time.”
                                                                               – Magic, An Independent Journal of Magicians

“One of the best books for the aspiring magician I have come across….A great ‘early’ book so well written that even an old-timer could benefit from studying it.” 
                                                                                    -The Linking Ring
                                                                                    International Brotherhood of Magicians 

“One of the more charming and thoughtful introductory magic texts for young readers that I’ve had the pleasure to come across.”
                                                                                  -Genii, The Conjuror’s Magazine

“Of real value to young magicians and worthy of adding to your library.”
                                                                   -MUM, Journal of the Society of American Magicians